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Inquisition review

When you ask people about the actual codex of the Inquisition they will generally agree that it's one of the worst armies in the game. It's a lie. All of it. Inquisition is the hardest of armies, capable of utterly destroying even the hardest eldar. The thing is that not everyone can play them. It took me months to really get out everything that this army could do, and I'm still improving my techniques with them. So I'll do a unit by unit review:

Inquisitor Coteaz: One of the most used units of the Inquisition in other armies, Coteaz is quite nice, as you get an inquisitor with 2+ armor save, a daemon hammer, that allows you and your enemy to repeat the seize initiatives roll and a level two psyker that intercepts with his unit at 12" for just 100 points! Nice in large inquisition armies for the initiative thing and great if you know your enemy will deep strike if fitted in a heavy armed squad.

Inquisitor Karamazov: Inquisitor Karamazov is badass, he has lots of great things like orbital bombardment every turn, rad grenades, even a multi melta! But you won't be taking him a lot, as he is 200 points and as you'll be seeing through this review, inquisitors were made to be cheap. Even though Karamazov can be fun to play and has some nasty rules, also is a good option for a hard warlord, so for friendly games (in which inquisition exceed as they have lots of weird and fun configurations) it can be considered taking.
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor: At a first glance we have a pretty bad character in here, almost all of its profile is 3, except WS, BS and I that are 4. The thing is that it's only 25 points, and you get three wounds and attacks (be careful though because at toughness three its very easy to instat kill him). Inquisition is the only army who can spam HQ. Power Armour and maybe even power swords could be considered for that, but Ordo Malleus isn't the one made for mobs, it's the one made for your warlord, as you can get him terminator armour for durability. Also he has the psy cannon with psybolt ammunition for extra attack and can be turned into a psyker. You can also give him the Grimoire of True Names to face demons, as it's great for that ridiculous price. All this said be careful, as you don't want him to get to pricey, this is the Inquisition and the most expensive thing we have are Jokaeros!
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor: You may still be wondering if you can really beat eldars with inquisition or if it was a joke, but it isn't. This fellas are mini-cullexus that you can mob to wreck eldars, demons or other psychic heavy armies. For 25 points you get a Null Rod, which stops your unit from being targeted by psychic powers. This can save you from an eldar storm or a Tzeentch thingie. Also a psyocculum and a condemnor boltgun can cause some problems. All this said for me this is the worst type of inquisitor, and usually I just take a couple or none at all (a couple? Isn't that a lot for a HQ? No, it isn't, I usually take between ten and twenty five).
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor: Now we are talking! This is the best inquisitor, with access to Needle Pistol and Scythian venom talons, this guys can be very strong, being able to kill a carnifex if taken in groups (at least three for this, though two could also do in the charge). But the thing that makes them so good, the thing that makes inquisition so good, are rad grenades. In their codex entry it says that it lowers toughness by one each time that an inquisitor charges or is charged. BUT IT DOES NOT SPECIFY TO A MINIMUM OF ONE!!!!!! This means that if four inquisitors charge as different units a mob of 30 guardsmen, even if one dies because of defensive fire, all of the guardsmen will be vaporized. An inquisitor with rad grenades is 40 points. You can field 25 at 1000 points. And THIS is probably the most broken unit in all the game. Not eldar bikes, not tau firepower, but ordo xenos inquisitors with rad grenades. Also note that you can get them into a land raider or a drop pod to get them to the enemy, really into any armies of the imperium vehicle, so it's actually easy to charge with them and, because they're different units, you can only kill one at defensive fire! Don't abuse of this though, people don't usually like it and will try to show you every rule that exists to tell you that you can't do that (I once spent fifteen minutes telling one guy that I had just vaporized his wolfstar with ten ridiculous inquisitors and that there wasn't a rule that could save him).
Inquisitorial henchmen warband: The other (optional) part of our army will be composed by a picturesque combination of three to twelve figures, which I'll analyze one by one:
• Acolytes: At four points, acolytes are great mobs and cannon fodder, but have some available options that make them interesting: The carapace armour could be considered for elite acolytes, but doubles the price of them, and another guy is better than a better save; the power armor is unaffordable, as it makes your acolyte more expensive than a normal marine, though it can be turned to a 2+ with some jokaeros, a option you should take into consideration. From the Acolyte Weapons take the boltgun for shooty mobs or the hot-shot lasgun for marine slayers (seriously, with this they're nine points, so four teams of five are just 180 points. And you can take teams of three with melta guns, which is a great vehicle killer combined with some transports (also good with plasma guns).
At last every one of them can take melta bombs, so you can have twelve in a unit, which will even vaporize a land raider.
• Arco-flagellants: Though they pack some decent punch they are too fragile for 15 points, so either cover them with e acolyte mob or crusader barrier or don't waste points in them.
• Crusaders: For 15 points you get a power sword and a storm shield, which usually cost 15 points EACH (without a guy), so good option for close combat anti-marine or anti-anti-marine. Also probably the best option to accompany your warlord.
• Daemonhost: For 10 points you get a fella with radom powers that have some good abilities. The cool thing is that you can get a unit of false deamons that can end up doing more damage than a real one, having a similar cost, a 5++ and instead of mark they have cool powers!
• Death Cult Assasin: Two power swords with initiative 6, two attacks and WS 5, assassins are great combined with crusaders for durability.
• Jokaero Weaponsmith: At 35 points they are the most expensive henchmen available, even more expensive than an inquisitor, but they have some improvements that are great for you units (get at least two so you don't get stuck with the first option). Also they are the little brothers of obliterators, as they can choose between lascannons, multi-meltas and heavy flamers each turn. To have five firing from the top of a chimera or two with three servitors usually works well.
• Ministorum Priest: This guy is the other way to improve your units, and works great with basically every close combat configuration, though you'll end using always the first or third hymn.
• Mystic: A good way to get your deep striking units where you want if placed in a chimera and run forward, but useless otherwise.
• Psyker: At 18 points you have a psyker and two acolytes, which are a unit in their own and thus a level one psyker. Easy to hide, you can get ten of this groups at just 180 points, with the corresponding warp charges, so great for psyker spamming and invoking.
•Servitors: At last but not least, we have the servitors, which should always be taken in groups of three to take 10 points multi-meltas or heavy bolters! Though mindlock sucks, the great number of them you can have compensates.
You can also take dedicated transports for your Inquisitorial henchmen warbands (rhino, razorback, chimera, valkyrie and the three GW variants of land raider) but I won't talk about them in here as they have nothing special with the exception that the chimera doesn't have the lasgun array but has five fire points and that a land raider crusader with psybolt ammunition is great.

At last, don't worry to take inquisitorial detachments, as the warlord traits from the rulebook are better in general.

With this I hope that you consider taking Inquisition as it's a more versatile army than you could think and has lots of surprises for your enemies!

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