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Betrayal at Calth review

I finally got BaC, and I'm pretty happy with it so I decided to do an article.

The first great thing about it is the price, so lets make some maths: The Cataphractii terminators from Forge World are 35£, and their weapons 13£ (and this option gives you just fists, bolters and a power sword, while the box gives you a lot more options). We've already got 48£, which is almost half the price of BaC. A space marine MKIII tactical squad is 35£, without any heavy weapons or equipment for the sergeant (which BaC has) and in Betrayal at Calth we have three, that are, in total 105£, which summed with our terminators are 153£. Then we have our beloved contemptor, which costs 33£ and 9.50£ each arm, which are 52£ and added to the rest we've already got 205£, which is more than the double of this box price. But we shouldn't forget the characters! Two legion praetors, one in terminator armour and another without are 33£ what is more or less what BaC has, so added to the rest this sums up to 238£! So you get a final discount of a 138£ buying BaC rather than buying the figures separately from Forge World. I've heard people say that the problem is that they're less detailed, which is true, but the difference is so small that it doesn't matter. Also remember that this also comes with a board and instructions to play a game that is halfway between 40k and Space Hulk (it seems to be fun) and that this is plastic, so its easier to use and convert.

The second great thing is the combination of figures it brings. At first I thought that thirty marines was too much and that it should bring instead just twenty and something like a recon squad, but as I explained in my last post 30k is made for large units, so it turns out 30 was a good number (even though they're plastic, so customization is very easy). The contemptor is awesome, even though it could have a more dynamic pose, and the cataphractii are also great, with ten lightning claws, five power fists, five chain fists, five combi bolters and a heavy flamer. Both characters of the box are cool, even though they aren't the best, they have a couple of nice details (I like the power maul/crozius). Also remember that all the miniatures in the box are usable at regular 40k (I fear I will end up playing them more this way), as even the contemptor has rules at Imperial Armour.

At last I think that one thing that you should think about if you buy the box is what it means for all of us hobbyists. If GW sees that this is a success, maybe they'll start making heresy in plastic, maybe really blend with FW, and that will be the BEST. I think GW is testing us with this, do people really want plastic heresy? Are hobbyists interested in the Horus Heresy? I think the answer is yes, and I hope they start releasing other heresy kits (I hope for the dreadclaw, but I know that would be low in the list), passing to plastic but keeping quality resin in kits like the character series, for example.

All this said, I'm very happy with Betrayal at Calth and with GW in general (after AoS I had started to loose hope) and I recommend it for you all, being both a good option to make a competitive army and to have some good minis to paint.

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