domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2015

Abbadon the Despoiler

This is my first paint entry, so I hope you like it! 
I´ve got this figure waiting in its box for years and I´ve finally decided to paint it, which has been great, as it has more detail that I could imagine (so many little skulls). I´ve painted him to go with my chaos undivided army, the Yellow Shoulders, and I´ve alredy ordered some Justaerins to go with him!

I got him a chain at the back because I thought it was to plain ant it would give him an even more barroque look

I painted his hair red to contrast with the rest of the mini and bring the atention to the head

At one arm he has the mighty Hand of Horus, with its orange little lightinings

 At the other he holds the mighty Drach´nyen, with all its angry faces

 I painted the faces in orange like if they where made of molten metal, though I don´t like much the final result...

 Abbadon has got an angry and spoiled face since an angel of the Emperor burned his soul

 Even the legs of the mighty Abbadon are full of skulls, faces and pointy things

 I ended pretty exasperated of the little bolts in the Hand of Horus though I´m quite happy with the final result

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