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Imperial Armour 13: War Machines of the Lost and Dammed

As promised I'm going to do a unit by unit review of some of the units of IA 13, though I won't be able to talk about some units as I've never played them nor seen them in action (mainly super heavies and those that don't change from the loyalist version). Before starting, all of these units are overpriced, so don't take them at low points games. Even the best units in here (rapiers are maybe an exception) won't work well under 1500, while they will perform great at bigger games.
Decimator: Awesome model with awesome rules, this is the worst nightmare of Dark Eldar or Wagon Ork armies, as they're capable of shooting heavy flamers at units inside vehicles at close combat. I think the best option are dual close combat weapons, because of the flamer rule and because other options can be taken more efficiently in other units (butcher cannon => Hades autocannon in forge fiends. Soulburner petard => rapiers or renegade artillery . Storm laser => rapier with laser destroyer.  Conversion beamer => rapier with cyclorathe. Yes, I like rapiers). If you know your enemy will go with lots of vehicles, decimators are a competitive option. Also all dedications are good for him, depending on the way you're using him  (if close combat intended Khorne is the best).
Blight drones: I've never actually played them, but the mawcannon seems to be pretty solid, giving you a flying battle cannon, which is sweet. I'll probably scratch build some, as they seem to be pretty interesting for space marine wiping.
Chaos rapier weapons battery: For me the best unit of IA13 for CSM, all the weapons are good, as Hades autocannon and ectoplasm are cheaper than a forge fiend and have higher BS, Quad Heavy Bolter can be good at several occasions (ork nobz wiping), laser destroyers are great at busting vehicles at AP1 and the Cyclorathe pattern conversion beamer is FUCKING AWSOME as it gives you an AP2 S10 big blast if you're more than 24" away, wich should wipe out of the table the big units at first turn, still do great damage at second, and loose firepower at third if you're opponent is moving. I'm building five of this babies to give support to my army and I plan to use them as laser destroyers or conversion beamers, that are my favorite options.
Blood Slaughters: This is Khorne at all its glory. It has awesome close combat stats (and the impaler is great) but you loose control over him. This is a big disadvantage, as not choosing who you assault and where you move makes you loose a lot of tactical flexibility (almost all) and your enemy can take advantage of it. This means that you should either deep strike or position him very well at deployment.
Great Brass Scorpion of Khorne: A decent option at very big games (apocalypse mainly) its not as good as a Kythan, but its still better than a Lord of Skulls. It combines close combat at shooting power, so it's quite flexible and will perform good if used correctly (which is easy, unless forming part of a more complex plan, you just need to shoot and charge things as you find convenient).
Chaos contemptor dreadnought: Similar to a decimator in some ways, the contemptor has a wide range of options (no kheres autocannon though) that enable him to fill a lot of jobs. I personally prefer running two with Khorne dedication and two fists with plasma blasters (yes, you guessed right, a take a dual close combat weapon decimator with them).
Emperors children sonic dreadnought: It's fine, but I don't see it as a great option (remember this are CSM, not great means horrible at Eldar or Tau standards). It can fire twice its blastmaster/ sonic blaster and doom siren, but at the price of not moving, and in the other arm he has a chainfist. If you want to field him I would take a blastmaster and change the chainfist for a missile launcher to get a shooty stationary dreadnought.
Ferrum infernus chaos dreadnought: I really like this guys, they have lots of options, lots of possible combinations and the specializations look good (though only destroyer of cities actually is). I just like them because they are, in may opinion, better than the loyalist version (the point increase sucks, but I think it compensates), which is very uncommon.
Chaos Kharybdis assault claw: Too expensive for what it does, this is a drop pod who procreated with a super heavy. With a transport capacity of 20 it could be used to take a bringers of despair unit with Abbadon.
Chaos dreadclaw drop pod: Now we are talking! You are telling me that chaos can take a drop pod and that can drop pod can move! Yes please. The dreadclaw is the solution to a lot of problems of CSM, as it enables you to throw any unit at the enemy and also gives a hover transport.
Chaos hell blade: Worst than the helldrake in general the hell blade should be taken though in games with lots of flyers or in games in where a lot of mobility is needed because of their teleport ability (remember that they don't score, so they aren't good for that).
Chaos hell talon: A grownup hell blade this baby has more weapons and hull points, and some of the bombs could be great (alchem cluster and warp pulse).
Chaos infernal relic predator: Better than the usual predator in my opinion I take him with magna-melta, inferno autocannon or plasma destroyer, and it usually does a good job, though being and infernal relic you'll need a warpsimth, a malefic sorcerer or Abbadon to take more than one.
With this I've finished my IA13 review, hope you liked it and see you in my next entry!

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