jueves, 4 de febrero de 2016

Mechanicum First Thoughts

Hello there!
Recently they've started a 40k league in my local store and I've decided to participate with my Dark Mechanicum army (Cult Mechanicum + Skitarii) and after my first battle I'm very happy with their performance. I've used my Skitarii in several ocasions, and knew pretty well how to use them, but it was my first time with Cult Mechanicum and I was quite impressed by them, so I decided to make a little review in here (I haven't tested all the units nor have I tested them enough, so it'll be very superficial). This time it will be in a Pros and Cons format:
- The Skitarii part has a high movibility without depending on vehicles, thanks to explorer, crusader and dunestrider.
- You have access to very high firepower as the Skitarii rangers are brutal at 15" but has a long threat range, the vanguards dominate the short ranged units, the onager is awesome and the kataphron destroyers... Well, they just destroy whatever they fire upon (at least with grav).
- Donctrines and Canticles provide great bonifications.
- Decent close combat units that deal a lot of damage (but tend to get pricey and aren't very durable).
- Great HQ option, very versatile and useful.
- Finally, they sinergize very well with other armies of the imperium.
- Few units to choose from, which isn't that bad if you use both codex but it still lacks of things like transports and flyers.
- Tactically difficult to combine close combat and shooting because of the Canticles and, specially, the Doctrines.
- Though it has some hard options it is, in general, a weak army, as most of your units will be T3 with a 4+ armor.
- Some units tend to get very pricey (castellans) and, in some cases, aren't capable of resisting much (sicarians).
In conclusion it is a great army to play, fun and competitive!

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