lunes, 8 de febrero de 2016

Corsair Pre-Review

Yes you read it right, it sais PRE-review because it isn't even a review, it is less than a review, it is just what you think when you read a codex. And, in this case, the codex that I've read is the eldar corsair codex, available in the second edition of IA: the Doom of Mymeara, wich I finally managed to download. So I was pretty happy when I found it, as I had been searching it in the web for some time, and dedicated a while of an afternoon to read the rules, basically of the corsairs, which were the ones that I was curious about. I had nightmares that night. Really bad nightmares.

So lets start making a general idea: The eldar corsairs are what you get if eldar and dark eldar had a kid and the harlequins delivered it. Once you picture the alredy potent army we have in here, add it a little bit of ridiculously high mobility, a psychic discipline that allows you to move units through the table and through the reserve (this includes enemy ones) and a pinch of even less endurance than their eldar parents. Now you see wat the corsairs are more or less, a fucking OP army.
That understood I'll make a new statement, they're, in my opinion the knew best army, topping even the inquisition (I've alredy talked about that). But it is because of the combination of some of their rules. It all starts when you pick the Traveller of Forgotten Paths for your Prince (corsairs main HQ), which allows you to deep strike, gives you a Multiphase Key Generator and allows all of your characters to buy one. Now you'll be wondering, what's a Multiphase Key Generator (or an MKG, as we'll be calling it because of the word largeness)? Well, an MKG is an object that allows you to deep strike and to, insted of shooting, place a Webway Portal within 3". But a corsair WP isn't like a Dark Eldar one, no, it let's you enter from reserves from there and to go to ongoing reserves if moving by 3". That alone is pretty amazing isn't it? You can leave the table if you please. But the awesome thing about it is that corsairs have a rule (reckless abandon) which allows them to move 6" backwards after firing to an enemy within 12". If you still haven't seen it, I'll put it in a nutshell: first you move so that you have a MKG within 6" (7" if you have jetpacks, which you will, as you're a corsair) at your back; you fire your short ranged weapons, which will cause great damage to your enemies because you're an eldar; and you run backwards to your MKG and go to ongoing reserves so that you can enter through it next turn, without having to endure your enemy's turn (if you aren't there he can't attack you right?).
This said I also see some disadvantages in the army. First you can't control objectives, as you aren't there; you have to be very carefull so that you aren't left without units in the table; and they're 100% Forge World, so most tournaments won't let you use them.
So, in conclusion:
- Corsairs are a great army
- They can make a lot of damege
- They are very mobible
- They are very hard to kill (again, you can't attack units in the reserves)
- They will cause you a humongous headache if you fight against them
- I'm definitely starting a Corsair army 😂

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